2008 Season Wrap Up


Supermoto USA NorCal Series Round 7
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA
September 27-28

  NorCal round 7 was held in conjunction with the AMA Superbike series finale at Laguna Seca, bringing tons of fans in touch with our sport that might not otherwise have been exposed to supermoto.  Our track was small and technical, due to the limited space we had to work with.  I prefer a technical track, so I was confident that I could come home with some good results.  I won the 450 heat race, and had to settle for 2nd in the main, behind Tyler O'hara.   I won the Open Expert heat race as well, and I was sure that I could do well in the main against some pretty fast competition.  However, I was taken out by another rider while running 3rd in the Open Expert main.  The other rider was penalized for the move, but that didn't really make my 8th place finish feel any better.   In the mini motard class I got a terrible start and had to settle for 2nd place.  I had a huge points lead in the class, so I didn't mind giving up a win... well, maybe a little.

Supermoto USA NorCal Series Finale and AMA Supermoto Grand Championships
Stockton, CA October 25-26

The NorCal Series Finale was held in conjunction with the AMA Amateur Supermoto Grand Championships at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds.  The Supermoto USA crew made an awesome dirt section with a large step-up jump, a whoop section, and a couple of doubles.  The pavement section was long and fast, covering multiple different types of surfaces, so it made for a challenging and fun track.  The AMA SMGC classes were held on Saturday, and I entered the "SM1 (Open)" and "Open Pro" classes.  I missed a shift on the last lap of the SM1 heat race, sending me back 2 positions to 4th place.  That kept me on the front row for the start of the main, but certainly not my first choice of starting positions.  I managed to get a great start in the main though, and held off most of the pack, finishing 2nd.  In the Open Pro class, we used a 2-moto scoring system, where the heat race and the main both counted for your overall finish.  Unfortunately, I crashed in the dirt in the heat race and only managed to make it back up to 10th place.  I put in an awesome ride in the main though, getting another great start and finishing 3rd in a field with several AMA pro top runners.  The 2-moto scoring format  meant that I ended up with a 6th overall in Open Pro.
  On Sunday we ran our normal NorCal series classes. This was our series finale and this round was to be scored with double points, so I was more concerned about my overall finish in the championship than on my results in this particular race.  I knew who I had to beat to for the championship, and I rode conservatively to make sure that happened..  I put in a careful 6th place in the 450 class, solidifying my 2nd place overall in the 2008 championship.  In the Open Expert class I got a great start and ran in 2nd for about half the race, eventually ending up in 3rd.  That put me in 3rd place overall for the season, which was the best I could do, considering the points gap to 2nd place.  I cruised to a 1st place in the mini motard class, extending my huge points lead, and winning the championship.

AMA Pro Supermoto rounds 5 & 6
Infineon Raceway Nov 15-16

The last 2 rounds of the AMA Pro Supermoto series were held back-to-back at the Infineon Raceway kart track.  Supermoto USA helped make the event happen, and came through with a world class track.  The dirt section was one of the best I've seen in supermoto racing.  We had a big triple, a big step up, and more importantly, multiple lines throughout almost the entire dirt section.  I've been getting great starts and Saturday was no exception, I got a great start and made it up to about 8th or 9th, but eventually a couple riders got past me and I ended up a respectable 11th, one position short of my top 10 goal.  On sunday I had to work without the benefit of such a great start, and I ended up 13th.  Not top 10, but these are both my best ever AMA finishes, so I'll just have to wait until next season to crack the top 10.