2008 Season Update #2



2008 Supermoto USA Norcal Series Round 3
May 16-18 Infineon Kart Track, Sonoma, CA

 Round 3 was held in conjunction with AMA Superbike at Infineon, so
It was a huge event with plenty of spectators.  As luck would have it
though, this was probably the worst weekend of racing in my entire
career.  A few mistakes, and some plain old bad luck left me with
pretty poor results.  I did manage another win in the Mini Motard
class, but the good news ends there.  The talent was deep that weekend
due to a large cash purse for the "Unlimited Pro" class that we run at
select rounds, which made for a full grid of fast racers, so the fans
got what they came for.  I finished 8th in the Unlimited Pro Class,
which was not great even considering the additional competition in
that class, I could have done better.  In the 450 Class I was doing
well, but had a huge high speed crash at the fastest part of the
course.  Fortunately, I was not hurt other than a few bruises and my
bike was rideable, so I remounted and finished 11th.  I did manage a
respectable 6th place in the Open Expert class against some fast


2008 Supermoto USA Norcal Series Round 4
June 28-29 Medford Kart Track, Medford, OR

 Our series hasn't been to the Medford track for a while, and I was
excited to go back.  Unfortunately, I had a pretty terrible weekend.
I manged another win in the Mini Motard Class, but crashes in both 450
and Expert ruined my chances of a decent result.  I ended up 5th in
450 and an embarassing 7th in Open Expert.


2008 Supermoto USA Norcal Series Round 5
2ND ANNUAL Mini Motard World Cup & Jr. Shootout
July 26-27 Prarie City Kart Track, Rancho Cordova, CA

 Last year's Mini Motard World Cup was a huge success, so all of the
top pros in norcal managed to get a hold of CRF150Rs for this year's
event.  The starting line for the Mini Motard World Cup race looked
like a pro class main event, with Casey Yarrow, Tyler O'hara, Joey
Pascarella, Vincent Guisande, etc. all trying to grab the title.  I
can definitely say this is the most fun mini race I've ever done, and
the competition was fierce.  Red Bull Rookies Cup rider Joey
Pascarella was a full 2 seconds faster than anyone else on the track,
so the rest of us fast guys knew we'd be battling for 2nd.  I managed
to get 3rd in the heat race right behind Casey Yarrow, but in the main
event Tyler O'hara got by me and I had to settle for 4th.
 On Sunday we ran our regular Norcal Series classes.  I had a pretty
good day, with a win in the Mini Motard class, and a 3rd in Open
Expert.  I was running in 2nd in the 450 class, but tangled with
another rider and went down.  I remounted and managed to salvage a 5th
place.  Overall, not a bad weekend.

2008 Supermoto USA Vet Nationals and Norcal Series Round 6
Aug 23-24 Reno Fernley Raceway, Fernley, NV

The 2008 Supermoto USA Vet Nationals were held in conjunction with
Supermoto USA Norcal Series round 6 at Reno-Fernley Raceway in
Fernley, NV.  We ran on a completely new course, with 3 dirt sections.
 The track had a good mix of fast and flowing, along with some really
tight technical stuff.  The Vet National classes were held on Saturday
and I cleaned up winning both the +30 Vet Open Class and the Vet Mini
class by considerable margins.  On Sunday we ran our normal series
classes and I had another good day, winning the Mini Motard class, and
taking second in both the Open Expert and 450 Classes.