2007 Final Season Update


Drew Dickson

3145 Geary Blvd #441

San Francisco, CA 94118


Supermoto USA NorCal Series round #8 - Oct 6

Redwood Empire Fair - Ukiah, CA

The track at Ukiah consisted of a motocross track and part of a paved oval.  This track was mostly dirt, which was quite a surprise for many of the competitors and a real departure from what we were used to competing on in this series.  I had a high speed crash in the first corner of the 450 main event on the paved oval, and ended up 6th overall after being almost a lap down.  I was disappointed with this outcome, because I'm in a pretty close points battle with 2 other riders for 2nd place in this class.  In the Open Expert class, I went 3-3 for 3rd overall.  In Mini Motard, I ran away with it again and remained undefeated in this class.

Supermoto USA NorCal Series Final Round - Oct 27 - 28

Kinsmen Kart Track - Dixon, CA

The final round of the NorCal series was not exactly an edge of the seat affair for me.  I was comfortably in 2nd place in the points for the Open Expert class, I only had to beat one person to get 2nd overall in 450, and I had 1st place almost wrapped up with a large points lead in Mini Motard.  I decided to just ride smooth and cautious and above all else, avoid crashing.  I cruised to a 6th place finish in the 450 class, securing 2nd place overall for the season.  In Open Expert, I put in 2 decent rides and went 5-5 for 5th overall.  That put me in 2nd place for the season in Open Expert as well.  In Mini Motard, I was able to finish the season undefeated.  

I fell a little short of my goals of grabbing the championship in all 3 classes I competed in, but I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't pretty happy with a 1st and 2 seconds.  Unfortunately, a broken rib prevented me from competing at the final round of the AMA series at Morongo Casino.  That was a disappointing end to the season for me, because I was really looking forward to this round.  Fortunately, the word on the street is that we'll be heading back to Morongo next season, so I'll get another chance in '08.

I'd like to thank you again for your support this season, I know my success has come in no small part due to the support I have received from my sponsors.